Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ReCyClInG AwArNeSs

what i learned from the activities.......that anyone can recycle and be helping the environment.also that you can do so many things with your recycled make new things or you can recycle your clothes by giving them to a thrift store. how can i improve the 4r's at home.......try to make sure that i separate the recyclables and conserve electricity try to reuse things more...RECYCLING AT THS.........i didn't even know that my school recycled by looking at it's campus during and after lunch. i think if we had recycling bins everywhere the students still wouldn't use them or they would just put trash in them......but if we get them in the classroom that would help out a lot being that the students use so much paper also they drink during class so they have water bottles which is plastic so yea......if we had recycling bis in every class that would be awesome=).......

Friday, May 2, 2008


the students of cmma went down to the garden to help make a compose pile.
what they had to do was gather all the grass trimmings and twigs etc. then they added water and made the pile all pretty and then they added more water. now the piles is done wooh!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ClAsS rOoM wAsTe AuDiT

the cmma class took trash from classrooms and sorted it out. as groups we weigh the
bag and write it down.

then we took the bag and emptied it on the ground onto a big plastic tarp.
and boy did it smell....=(.there was papers, plastics and even a hair weave.

when we sorted through the trash we had to look for mixed papers,newspaper,plastic bottles,and food scraps and soiled paper. there was a lot of papers more than anything. also a lot of random things like a hair weave.

next we had to weigh the piles and take down the data also we took pictures an video. the data we had was that there was 3 and one half pounds of mixed papers, one pound of of other plastics, and two ponds of food scraps and soiled paper.

how can classrooms reduce consumption and disposal of materials? they can eat different things or try not to waste or can the 4r's be applied to the materials found in the trash? they can recycle the paper and plastic bottles. also they can separate the soiled paper and put it in compose. then they can put them in separate piles.
what specific materials should the class focus on diverting in the classroom?mostly the paper and plastic bottles b/c the students use a lot of it on a daily basis. and they are always drinking water and what not during class. so yea having a bin for paper and plastic bottles would reduce of litter and waste.

Friday, April 25, 2008


student from t-high took before and after pictures of our campus.these pictures were of before and after lunch time. the areas they took pictures of were of the grassy knoll,the hallways,the front of the school, and the quad. in the morning the the campus was pretty clean but by the end of lunch it was horrible.It's so sad that everybody is litter bugs these days. shame shame i know your name!!!..=(

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

hi there=)

tennyson high school is trying to go green. therefore the high school is recycling and getting cmma students involved. SLWRP is a program that ruduces wastes and helps you learn about the 4 R's. the 4 r's are reduces reuse recycle and rot(compose). how can you reduce? well you can use less electricity during the day. also you can take the bart to work instead of your car. how can you reuse? instead of going to mall to buy new clothes go to a second hand store orif something breaks instead of throwing it away fix it. how can you recycle? you can separate your garbage like plastic's,papers etc. how can you compose? by putting trimmings from your grass or frm the veggies and fruits you eat is considered compose. teannyson needs to get involved because we are the future